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FREE LEGAL AID     "It is the duty of the state to provide equal justice and free legal aid to every citizen." says Indian Constitution. Legal aid means that legal aid should be provided to people with limited resources for free or at nominal fees. Although legal advice and legal aid complement each other, the two are completely different from each other. Legal aid means to assist the party in the proceedings of a court or tribunal with a free or nominal fee, while legal advice includes both remedial and preventive measures. There was no system to provide assistance to the poor in British India. However, some private institutions in Calcutta (Kolkata) and Bombay (Mumbai) voluntarily provided free legal aid to the poor who were tasked with planning free legal aid for the disabled.   WHAT IS FREE LEGAL AID? Under the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987, advice and assistance for all types of civil and criminal cases is called free legal aid.   LEGAL AID UNDER INDIAN