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CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT ACT  Before understanding CAA, we have to first know what is citizenship, Part-II Articles 5 to 11 of the Constitution of India, citizenship has been told. Article 5 Of the Indian constitution says that Citizenship at the commencement of the constitution. At the commencement of this Constitution, every person who has his domicile in the territory of India and- (a) Who was born in the territory of India; or (b) Either of whose parents was born in the territory of India; or (c) Who has been ordinarily resident in the territory of India for not less than five years immediately preceding such commencement, Shall be a citizen of India.            WHAT IS CAA Citizenship Amendment act helps of people of Hindu,Christian,Sikh, Parsi, Jain and Buddhism who came from Pakistan,Afghanistan, Bangladesh will be given citizenship of India.  But people of the religion of Islam have not been included in this act.  After the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, now