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Djpunjab 2021: Punjab's No.1 Online Radio Station and Song downloading website

DJPunjab, as we mentioned earlier, is a Punjabi music website that features every type of Punjabi song imaginable. They have everything on their website, from the most recent single to albums by some of the most well-known Punjabi singers. Unfortunately, they don't have any movies available for download, so keep that in mind. The nicest thing about this website is the large choice of collections, making it a worthwhile investment of your time.

Djpunjab 2021: Punjab's No.1 Online Radio Station and Song downloading website

DJPunjab Punjabi Music Website

10. MJM Music/MusicoVaman MJM Music is a music platform offering music from all genres. Whether you're into rock, rap, acoustic, fusion, or all of the above, they have what you're looking for. Just click on the selected genre from the top menu and start browsing. You can also search the site to find particular songs. MusicoVaman is a website that features exclusive mp3s by the latest artists and independent artists. Don't be fooled by the site's old-fashioned design. MJM Music/MusicoVaman Music 9. Puneet Music Puneet Music has it all. For the music junkie, Puneet has plenty of old and new Punjabi songs. There are also classical hits, rock hits, rap, and more. The website's community can give you a helping hand to find new songs.

Song collections

Song Collections are the most popular feature on DJPunjab, with more than 500 track collections available to download. They come in various levels and are based on your tastes, with the more 'touristy' ones you can play for free and the more 'official' ones costing money. Essentially, the highest level of the collection offers songs that various artists have remixed, and you can download these directly in the search results. The cheapest collections are the ones that are available for free in the search results, and all the others require a purchase. The vast majority of the songs on the site are free to download, and they work in the browser, as long as you are logged in. The recent collections are available to download and are updated every Monday.

Best Alternative Website

The Site's Design

This is the one feature that DJPunjab does have over many other websites that feature Punjabi music. It has a modern and straightforward interface with a clear header and button icon. It's easy to use and keeps all the information on the front page, with a large list of featured collections on the right. Features Movies and TV Shows Movies and TV shows are pretty much the most attractive feature of DJPunjab. Every week, a movie or TV show is featured on the front page and is not available for download. If you are a fan of the featured movie, you need to click on the image, and it will download automatically. It's a simple service and very popular.

Radio and TV Shows

The tv shows at MusicBean are the most popular on Youtube and are the ultimate way to learn about or become a part of the Punjabi music scene. The Punjabi pop TV show Ru Bhali Bhali (pronounced "ଡଣ ବବ ଭବ") is hosted by Sarabjit Bhullar. It has no breaks, and there is no fixed time. Sarabjit usually posts a video of the last hour of broadcast every day. The fact that it is the only tv show in existence that covers both Punjabi pop and Punjabi music is all the proof you need that it is unique. In addition to these programs, they also have a popular Punjabi pop radio show that airs every Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm. Bhaskar Kamboj presents this show. This show often covers some of the most prominent artists of today. One of the most popular artists is Jasjit Bawa.


There are so many websites today that are trying to make a living by selling illegal files and music online. Make sure you do your research and select only sites that you know to be reputable, such as these. It may not be much of a challenge, but it will be a big step towards avoiding yourself becoming the next victim of the "I hate downloading music" incident.

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