9KMovies 2021: The Best Online Streaming Service for Movies and TV Shows

9kmovies is an illegal torrent site that shares movies and TV programs. Although it mainly offers Bollywood movies for download, the site also has many regional Indian films such as Tamil, Marathi, and Malayalam films. In addition, the 9kmovies download page offers foreign movies, including Iranian and Pakistani films. 9kmovies also provides a few TV shows that can be downloaded via torrents. 9kmovies had to alter its URL several times to avoid being detected by the Indian Government.

9KMovies 2021: The Best Online Streaming Service for Movies and TV Shows

9kmovies and their history

9kmovies was founded back in 2009 and was a private BitTorrent tracker until February 2011. But after multiple evictions from the tracker, the site underwent its very first URL change to https://9kilowebfilms.com/ in April 2012, which has remained its current URL up to the present day. After losing its tracker membership in the past, 9kmovies has now almost completely switched to an in-house downloader for movies and TV shows.

The download system that is in place at the moment is automated, so everything is done for you. In addition, the site administrators are not reviewing or uploading torrent files, which makes it more difficult for them to track the IP addresses of downloaders and censor infringing content.

Why You Should Use 9kmovies

As mentioned earlier, 9kmovies provides a massive selection of movie torrents. Some of the popular Hindi and regional Indian movies on the website’s torrent page are Jodhaa Akbar, Bhootnath, Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa, Vishwaroop, and Batarang. Moreover, 9kmovies also offers TV shows such as the Indian TV series “Naagin,” as well as the popular American TV series “Desperate Housewives.” In addition, 9kmovies also provides a wide range of TV shows of popular American TV series such as “Lost,” “Breaking Bad,” “Criminal Minds,” “Game of Thrones,” “Top Gear,” “American Dad,” and many more. Other Useful Features of 9kmovies To help out its users, 9kmovies provides a facility where you can rate movies that you’ve downloaded.

How is 9kmovies different from other streaming services?

Most torrent sites, 9kmovies included, store illegal files. These files are usually copyrighted and are associated with copyright violations. However, 9kmovies does not have a policy of hosting copyright-infringing materials. Therefore, as long as users know what they are downloading, 9kmovies is safe. Because of this, 9kmovies is a well-known site for all Bollywood film buffs.

Additionally, 9kmovies’ website does not filter the torrents they offer to users. This is unlike most websites that prohibit users from downloading videos that contain nudity, violence, profanity, etc. By doing this, 9kmovies’ website is not targeting torrent users who want to access content for free. Instead, 9kmovies’ website is targeting general movie or TV show, enthusiasts.

9kmovies’ page layouts

9kmovies is not as significant as other torrent sites in India. However, it has been on the Internet for over ten years now, and it was not created overnight. Based on 9kmovies’ data, it is evident that this site launched in the early 2000s. It is still available today, and it is one of the very few movies and TV show torrent sites in India. Its users are very active, and they have the most fantastic movie collections in India. Moreover, 9kmovies has recently started offering live streaming videos of Bollywood and regional Indian TV shows. This could be their future growth strategy, especially if it manages to regain its trusted status from the Indian Government.

How to use 9kmovies for free

The legal India-based website 9kmovies.com has a different URL, which ends with .onion. Therefore, to access 9kmovies.com, enter this URL in a web browser: 1-9kmovies-torrent.9kmovies. This will take you to the .onion website of 9kmovies. Just follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the movie to your computer. Onion After this, you will be redirected to the “crawl” section of the website, where you can browse through all the movies available on 9KMovies for download. Private Full Movies for Download Just like full public movies, full private movies also cost money to buy.


It is clear from this list that India is one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of online content. While the Government cannot track down every torrent website, for now, torrent sites will remain a popular platform for movie and TV show fans in India to get their fix of popular content.

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