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Children and teenagers have started resorting to the internet to calm their curiosity because in a society where adults also shy away from talking about sex, the internet becomes their private classroom.It is easy to lure or blackmail such children.


The protection of Children from sexual offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 was enacted to provide a legal framework for the protection of children from sexual assault, sexual harassment and child pornography.


This new act of 2012 includes variety of offences under which accused can be punished. Such offences are as follows which are under the POCSO Act,2012

1.   Child Pornography

2.   Aggravated Penetrative Sexual Assault/Aggravated Sexual Assault.

3.   Sexual Harassment

4.   Sexual Assault: When a person touches the child, or makes the child touch them or someone else.

5.   Penetrative Sexual Assault: Insertion of penis/object/another body part in child's vagina/urethra/anus/mouth, or asking the child to do so with them or some other person.




Definition of Child-

A person under the age of 18 years is said to be a child. This definition is purely a biological one and doesnot take into account people who live with intellectual and Psycho-social disability.

·        A recent case in SC has been filed where a women of biological age 38yrs but mental age 6yrs was raped. The victim's advocate argues that "failure to consider the mental age will be an attack on the very purpose of act." SC has reserved the case for judgement and is determined to interpret whether the 2012 act encompasses the mental age or whether only biological age is inclusive in the definition.





“Child pornography is pornography that exploits children for sexual stimulation. It may be produced with the direct involvement or sexual assault of a child or it may be simulated child pornography”.


·        Publishing or sending others something in sexual act or in electronic format showing them naked. Further, the law states that those who prepare, collect, find, watch, download, advertise, promote, deal with or distribute pornographic content involving children, is also illegal.


·       Preparing children for seductive online relationships, then having sex with them or recording sexual activities involving children, creating MMS, sending others etc. are also covered under this.




The scope of pornography includes photos, videos, text, audio and content which are sexual in nature and based on sexual acts and nudity. Anti-pornography law applies to publishing such material electronically, sending it to someone or publishing or sending it through someone else. Those who prepare Nude or pornographic videos of others or make MMS and pass them on to others through electronic means, send pornographic message to someone against their will, they also Come into the realm.


Exception- It is illegal to publish pornography and pass it on to others through electronic means, but it is not illegal to see, read or hear it, but it is also illegal to watch child pornography (Child pornography is also illegal to watch). Proper material prepared in the public interest for works related to arts, literature, education, science, religion etc. is not considered illegal.




1.   Section 67 (b) of the IT (Amendment) Act 2009, sections 292, 293, 294, 500, 506 and 509 of the IPC  deals with the offences for Child Pornography  and its punishment/Sentences be like- five years in prison and / or on the first offence with Fine up to ten lakh rupees and in second repeated offense Jail up to seven years and / or fine up to one million rupees.  


2.   The selling and distribution of PornographicMaterial is illegal in India under section 292 of IPC.


3.   The distribution, sale, or circulation of obscene materials and the selling of pornographic content to any person under age 20 years are illegal under section 293 and IT Act-67B.


4.   Child pornography is illegal and strictly prohibited across the country under section 67B of theInformation Technology Act, 2000.The manufacturing, publishing and distribution of pornography is illegal in India under section 292, 293.




·        The CBI recently arrested a man from Lucknow who is alleged to have been running an international racket of child porn on WhatsApp.This is not the first time that a messaging app has been used for child porn. Such news keeps coming from Europe and America.


·        Many of the reports refer to Canadian messaging app 'Kick'. According to Forbes, most of the users of Kick started in 2009 are 13-24 years old, due to which it is very popular among children who sexually abuse children (Pedophiles- the person who sexually attract children).


·        Thomas Paul Keeler, who was caught from North Carolina in March 2016, loved the kick so much that he had added 200 groups related to child porn on it.


·        Keylor used kick to share pornographic photos and videos of 3 to 12-year-olds with 300 people a year. Forbes also did a story on this in August 2017.


·        On 13.09.2019,the action has taken place after raiding 21 places in the state  of Kerelaby the Kerala Police's Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Unit (CCSE). CCSE works closely with Interpol's Children Against Crime Unit and the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


·  On 18.04.2018 Madhya Pradesh Police has revealed the international WhatsApp group of child pornography. People from 28 countries including India, Pakistan are involved in this group. Police cyber squad has also arrested three people associated with the group

·Especially when self-research suggests that pedophiles are generally very gentle in nature. They talk so much waxing that children get caught in their net.


·        Matthew Folder, who has been sentenced to 32 years in Britain on 19 February, used to ask his victim to sit on the toilet seat. And children used to do this. Mathew had been confusing the police for four years, confessed to the 137 crimes committed on his own, of which 46 are just for rape.Victims were so engrossed in their words that they did not hesitate to harm themselves at the behest of them.


·        After the ban on websites, the illegal trade of child pornography is booming through social media like WhatsApp. Many hackers are also taking advantage of the ignorance of children and make them their prey.


·        According to a New York Times report, about 18.4 million reports related to child pornography were found on the Internet last year, including about 45 million photos and videos of children sexually abusing them.With the growing business of child porn, it is not difficult to understand that many of these children become traffickers and prostitutes.


·        A report from UNICEF on 6 February 2017 says that there is no information on how large the online child porn industry is in India, because the government has never conducted a survey in this regard.


·        According to a report by UNICEF in September 2016, more than 13 crore children in India have phones.Government figures are different from this but they also do not deny the loss of thousands of children every year due to addiction of phones and being trapped in the web of pedophiles.


·        According to the website of NGO 'BachpanBachaoAndolan', a child is lost every six minutes in India and every year about one lakh children are lost which becomes a prey of this sexual offence.





The first case of child pornography has been registered at Uttarakhand State Cybercrime Police Station. This case has been registered against a person of Almora. Cybercrime Police Officer Ankush Mishra said that the National Crime for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) monitors the exchange of content related to child pornography across the country.

Recently, the agency had sent a report regarding content related to child pornography to the National Crime Reporting Bureau (NCRB) New Delhi, which also mentioned Almora resident Kishan Singh.

According to the agency's report, he downloaded the video of child pornography from the internet and sent it to his colleagues on the social site. On this, NCRB investigated the case and directed the Dehradun Cyber ​​Police Station to take action on the accused.



On downloading or sharing material related to child pornography, a lawsuit is filed against the accused under Section 67B of the IT Act. It can carry imprisonment of up to five years. There can also be five years jail. Also, Ankush Mishra said that child pornography comes under the category of crime.




·        In July 2015 the Supreme Court of Indiarefused to allow the blocking of pornographic websites and said that watching pornography indoors in the privacy of ones own home was not a crime.


·        In August 2015 the Government of Indiaissued an order to Indian ISPs to block at least 857 websites that it considered to be pornographic.In 2015 the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had asked internet service providers to take down 857 websites in a bid to control cyber crime, but after receiving criticism from the authorities it partially rescinded the ban. The ban from the government came after a lawyer filed a petition in the Supreme Court arguing that online pornography encourages sex crimes and rapes.


·        In February 2016 the Supreme Court asked the Indian Government to suggest ways of banning all forms of child pornography.


·        In October 2018 the governmentdirected Internet service providers to block 827 websites that host pornographic content following an order by the Uttarakhand High Court. The court cited the rape of a 10th standard girl from Dehradun by four of her seniors. The four accused told police that they raped the girl after watching pornography on the Internet.


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