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  DIVORCE   INTRODUCTION Couples are believed to be made in heaven. Usually, this is what the partner feels when bonding in a marital relationship, but many times soon the relationship gets suffocated and bored. A legal process is required to break this relationship apart from any other relationship. By applying for divorce, the husband and wife can end the mutual relationship both socially and legally. However, the court is one of the few such things that make most Indians nervous. Knowing some concrete things can help in deciding to file a divorce petition.   WHAT IS DIVORCE? It is the termination of a marriage by legal action requiring a complaint by an individual. This means that your marriage is officially ending. This is done because when one person wants to go out of another's life, he still has the responsibility of his partner's life.   DIVORCE PROCESS ACCORDING TO RELIGION IN INDIA In India, divorce laws are different for different religions: 1. Hindu Mar


  PROPERTY ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD PROPERTY According to linguistics the word property is derived from the Latin adverb "propter". It evolved from the word "proprietus". The word proprietis came to be used on an intellectual level by Roman legalists and was used in the colloquial language of France. Gradually, the term property came to be used for land, money and other valuable things. DEVELOPMENT OF "PROPERTY" INTENT v The meaning of the word "property" is definite when the term came to be used to express the relation of a family and objects belonging to its members. Later, the tendency of the people to acquire and preserve the objects of individuals was recognized by social conditions and the property began to be supported, seeing the rationale and necessity of its origin. It became an object of respect and its development started as an institution with social specialties.   v In the primitive society, the official scholars of religio